An Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools

Author: Super Admin, Published: September 30, 2014

The internet is a very crowded place, and amidst such crowd, it is surely not easy to get spotted by your target audience. This is where search engines come handy, and that is why more and more businesses and websites are focusing heavily on search engine optimization.However, there is more to SEO than just plugins and tweaks: you need to assess and analyze the health of your website: keywords that are returning good traffic, pages that are getting the most visits, the click-through rate of your website visitors, and so on. Furthermore, you also need to keep track of errors that search engine bots might be facing while crawling your website, sitemaps that need to be submitted, incoming links, etc.Obviously, this seems like a big deal of work. Thankfully, Google provides an array of resources that we can use to make our lives easier. Grouped together under Google Webmaster Tools, this solution provides you with complete insights about the health and performance of your website.

What Can Google Webmaster Tools Do?

So, what can Google Webmaster Tools do for us? A lot, but mainly:Detailed information about search queries; which keywords are performing, and which ones aren’t.Updates about crawl errors, just so you can fix them timely and avoid losing traffic.Links that are generating the maximum traffic as well as website pages that are getting most visitors.Upload and update sitemaps.For a quick overview of Webmaster Tools, check out this short video from Google:

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