Everything you need to know about Envato’s Most Wanted

Author: Super Admin, Published: September 30, 2014

Envato's Most Wanted is an ongoing series of events and competitions we run on Envato Market, where we give authors the opportunity to win extra cash and prizes for creating awesome digital content that is in high demand on the marketplace.

So far we’ve held over 70 Most Wanted events, and this year alone our community of talented authors have shared in over $1.5 million in total prizes and earnings from the items they created, with more in the making every day!

How does it work?

When we launch a new event, we’ll post a Most Wanted announcement on Market Blog and in the community forums explaining what kind of items we’re looking for, as well as how and where to submit them.  The event might include a race to see who can submit quality content the fastest based on specific criteria, or an overall “Best Item” contest with a massive grand prize voted on by the community or a select panel of judges.Prizes almost always include some kind of cash reward, but could also include a coveted Featured File

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